Save Your Brain, Wear a Bike Helmet

Save Your Brain, Wear a Bike Helmet

A good bicycle helmet may be the most important piece of equipment you can possess. Hopefully you have never heard the phrase “It’s not you, it’s me”, first hand in the dating world. If so, that discussion is for another time and place. But I will use that phrase here to get my point across about safety. There are a lot of people out there who choose for whatever reason (certainly no good one) not to wear a helmet. If you are one of them, please read on and allow me to attempt to motivate you to make a change that will benefit you and your family.

Danger Ahead

Don’t risk it. You may be the best rider alive, but you may not be alive for long depending on others on the road. It may not be you, it may be me or someone else on the road. The increase in cellular phone use has exponentially increased the risks on the road. With the increase in technology, you might tend to think we would use our advancements to be safer. However, people are impatient and seek immediate gratification. No one seems to want to wait until they arrive at their destination to check their messages. Gone are the day of coming home and checking the answering machine for the day’s calls. Everything is now at everyone’s fingertips. And these people are behind the wheel of four thousand pound block of metal driving at all sorts of unsafe speeds all around you. If I have to threaten you with horrific tales of vehicular death, so be it if it convinces you to wear a bike helmet.

The Expense

Bicycle helmets are typically not expensive. This is especially true when you consider their real value in protecting your life. If you are concerned that you will not look cool or fashionable, firstly get over yourself. Secondly, there are pretty neat designs and customizations available if you search around.

The Alternative

Finally, having a large gash in your skull or patchy hair and stitches are not exactly the flavor of the day either when it comes to fashion.

One More Tip

One more helpful reminder about cycling helmets is to remember a basic rule like that of car seats for children. If you have an incident where you fall and your helmet is used, replace it. If you drop your helmet and it has the potential to be damaged even though you were not wearing it at the time, replace it. If you find any minor damage to your bike helmet and you do not even know what the source of the damage is, replace your bicycle helmet. Replace your bike helmet after use or damage. It is simple. The structural integrity or dependability of your cycling helmet may be questionable.

Your helmet is protecting something that someone may consider important, so take it seriously. Safe travels!

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