The Basics of Navigation

The Basics of Navigation

How to overcome getting lost. Have you ever considered the possibility that a relaxing bike ride could lead into a frustrating or even scary ordeal? This scenario is possible if you lose track of where you are going and become lost. Think about what you would do if any of the following occurs to you:
You forget your phone at home
Your cellular phone battery dies
You don’t have a GPS handy
You lose connection or don’t have service on your cellular phone
You get turned around
You’re not familiar with the area
There’s a general lack of signs in the area
You keep riding in circles
You are detoured and need to find a new way around

It’s time to follow basic navigation wisdom; getting lost is not unique to biking, the good news is that there are some preset guidelines that may help you in case you find yourself in this kind of situation.

Admit that you are lost.

Don’t be stubborn. If you live in denial, you may continue to be lost. And worse off, you may travel much further away from your intended destination that you otherwise would. This would lead to a much longer trip and possibly one that is not nearly as enjoyable.

Reset your priorities.

If this is a training or fitness ride or you were trying to go from Point A to Point B. Make your first priority making yourself not lost. This may mean slowing your pace so you are not getting a full workout. This means instead of heading for where you think Point B or your destination is, you head to Point C because there looks like there may be people there or a clue to where you are located.
Location of the sun
Sun rising or setting
Find a road / bigger road
Ask someone for help
Look for signs

In conclusion, the best plan is to slow down and formulate a plan. Focus on what is important now, which is getting back on track. I hope the information above will at least give you some ideas or at least make sure you do not panic.

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