Picking the Right Bike Lock

Picking the Right Bike Lock

How to pick the right lock to keep your bike safe.

Why is it important? Your bike and the associated equipment could be very valuable. If you are the type of person who customizes and personalizes your equipment, the grand total value of what is stolen from your possession could be in the hundreds to thousands. Consider for a minute about your bicycle being an asset such as a house or a car. If you bicycle is worth five hundred dollars, you have that much money in assets. Now imagine your cycle is stolen from you regardless of the exact scenario. At this point you would be in a situation where you could have to now spend at least five hundred more dollars to replace the bike and the equipment that was stolen. That is to say, if it is even possible to fully replace. We will talk about personalization and sentimental value in the later section. Consider the fact that you may not be able to find the exact make, model, or color of bicycle posted for sale. Depending if the company that made your cycle is even still in business, they may not manufacture that same model bicycle anymore. Think of another alternate scenario where the type of bike that was stolen from you or at least a similar one is only available for sale brand new. Purchasing a brand new cycle from a store could be twice as costly as the original value of the bike you lost. Financially speaking, losing possession of your bicycle could be a disaster. That would be a disaster that you may have otherwise been able to avoid with a bike lock.

Another important reason to keep your bike secure is because it may hold sentimental value to you or your children. This cycle may have been in your family or even passed down from another generation. Apart from your own displeasure, good luck consoling your children who may not be so easy to forgive and forget. Hey, maybe this is a good learning experience, but depending on your child’s age, they may not like to hear how cruel the world can be, they just want their SpongeBob bike with the racing stripes back.

One more reason to avoid losing your bicycle at all costs is because of the stress involved. There is an emotion toll this situation takes no matter how strong one is. No one likes to feel personally violated when a close possession is taken from them. Even if you have a cool head about it at first, subconsciously, this surely negative experience adds to your stress load and could supplement any current feelings of depression.

For these reasons and more, it’s smart to keep your bicycle safe and secure.

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