Many Benefits to Biking

Many Benefits to Biking

There are many benefits to cycling. This is the case whether you are riding for travel, leisure, fitness, or sport. In this article, I’ll talk about these benefits in more detail and just maybe it will be the motivation you need to get those wheels in motion.


Let’s face it, there are too many cars, trucks, van, buses, and a lot of additional gasoline consuming and pollution producing machines. Knowing that you are not contributing to this growing is a nice relief.


This is a basic concept. Bicycles are considered vehicles meaning their primary function is transportation. This is the movement of your physical body from one location to another. Or in other words, getting from Point A to Point B


Cars are expensive. Between the initial costs of the purchase of the vehicle in and of itself, you need to factor in maintenance or upkeep. Every so often, usually based on the passage of time or the mileage you rack up, you need to spend money to keep all four wheels on the road. This means replacing the wheels, brakes, rotors, adding more windshield washer, antifreeze, oil changes, and gasoline prices. And don’t forget the incidentals like when a rock flies up when you are not expecting it and breaks your windshield. Don’t forget to consider random vandalism like when a stranger scratches your car with a key while passing. Even if your insurance covered most damage, you still need to pay your premiums every month. All of these costs add up as you may know or can imagine.


Everyone hates gridlock. What better way to beat traffic than to zip up the shoulder or bike lane and leave all of those brake lights in your dust.


Yes, it’s fun too! This is especially true when the weather is nice and you like to get fresh air in your lungs from time to time.


It’s a great way to meet the neighbors (for better or worse). You can stop and chat – or pretend you are on the phone. You can choose but the option is there.


As I’ve stated above, cycling is a great option for riding around your local community. If people are not your thing, at least you can see some sights that you may otherwise whiz by at fifty miles per hour (or more).

Fitness / Health

benefits Biking is a great workout activity because it is all based on human power. That means where you go and how fast depends on the effort you exert into the process. When you bike, you are fighting against not only gravity, but also the friction of the road. If you want to challenge yourself, find a biking route that maximizes the time and distance you will be traveling uphill.


There is a huge community of cyclist all over the world. There are massive races comprised of hundreds of racers throughout the year. Also notable is how much time and money is spent on a professional circuit from training to sponsors and advertisements.

I hope this article was able to make the point that bicycles are a multifaceted tool and accomplishes many goals based on the rider’s intentions. Now get out there and hit the open road.

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