In Support of Bike Shorts

In Support of Bike Shorts

When choosing the best biking shorts for you, there are some things you first must consider. One of this first things you should endeavor to ask yourself is regarding the purpose or nature of your bike riding activity. Do you simply ride a bike for leisure? Are you more of a trail rider with a mountain bike? For how long at a time are you on your bike? Do you take short rides to and from work or do you ride marathons? The answer to these questions will end up helping you decide if you want to invest in a pair of cycling shorts that are more padded or more comfortable. Ideally, you may want both, or at least something in-between. However, it may be more beneficial for you to lean one way or the other.

Common Misconceptions

First off, most people do not wear bicycle shorts at all. They may be under the belief that they do not need them for their purposes. Another possibility is that they have yet to consider the fact that bike shorts can be highly beneficial. This is especially the case then someone is riding a bicycle for leisure. Some people may be under the impression that cycling shorts are only for serious riders or professionals who are on a bike for hours or at least an extended amount of time. This, however, is not really the case.

Boring Medical Detail

Without getting into too much boring medical detail, it is important to take care of your butt! Most people take for granted what they sit on. This is easy especially if you are like millions of people who spend a significant amount of time in a seated position. Think about not only the amount of time you are on a bike, but also the amount of time you may be in a car, sitting on a train, sitting to put on your shoes, sitting down to eat. Maybe you have a job where you have to sit in an office for a large portion of your day. The point I am trying to make is that regardless of how active your lifestyle may be, there’s good reason why you may be sitting for a majority of the day despite your best efforts. In this case, you should take care of the thing that is holding you in place.

In Conclusion

When you are biking, there are a lot of bumps and this can lead to a lot of wear. With this in mind, it is smart to invest in at least a basic pair of shorts for biking regardless if you are not sure if your biking activity is strenuous enough to justify making the purchase. Your behind will thank you.

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