Biking Trails and Where to Find Them

Biking Trails and Where to Find Them

One of the most exciting and enjoyable activities a person or family can have on a bicycle must be riding said bikes on an off-road trail. As an outdoor activity, you can experience your surroundings and neighborhoods like you have never before. There are very many places that are simply not accessible through any other means. If you want to see beautiful countryside, wildlife, natural streams, and more, trail riding is the way to go. An additional benefit to trail riding as opposed to riding your bicycle in the roadway is the variation in hills, turns and obstacles. All of these things make for not only a more challenging ride, but also a more fun one, a more physically demanding ride, and a more beneficial ride health wise.

Each trail that you find possesses its own special characteristics that are unique to that location. Since all trails are different, you will be faced with a great variation in distance, difficulty, accessibility, and obstacles. This is one of the biggest benefits to trail riding. Variety is the spice of life. It is very easy to be lulled into a static and boring routine when riding on the road. However, when riding on a trail, even one which you have road on many times before, you will be required to focus and pay attention to the quirks of the trail. Failure to give the trail your full attention and respect could lead to serious injury.

If you decide to ride your bicycle on a trail possibly for the first time, there are some basic safety things you should remember. As stated before, trail riding can be a dangerous endeavor. Expect the unexpected and you will never face anything you can’t handle. Before you leave for the trail, make sure a friend or family member knows the location of where it is you will be going. Make sure your cellular phone is in your possession and that the battery is in a fully charged state. Bring some water and maybe a snack in case you underestimate the length of the trail or the difficultly and resulting time it takes to complete. Another consideration is to make sure you are properly prepared based on the other biking equipment you possess.

First, look at what kind of bike you have. Mountain bikes are the best option for trail riding because their tires are wider and their frames are thicker and heavier. Their tires are wider so that more of the tire makes contact with the ground in return giving you and your bike more stability and traction. Also, the frame of a mountain bike is thicker and heavier which aids not only in making sure the bike can physically handle the physics involved, but also so that your body can too. There are sure to be a great deal of bumps and twists along the trail. A heavier bike may make for a more comfortable and safe ride for you.

Some of the best ways to find new trails in your area are simple. First you can simply ride around your neighborhood paying close attention to tree lines and sign posts. You can also check online for your immediate or surrounding area for state parks and forests. And last but not least, ask around to your fellow friends and neighbors. Not only can you get great advice, but maybe you will make a deeper connection and find a riding buddy. Safe trails!

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