What Drives Us

The concept of this website is all about service. A free service. We hope to build a community of cycling enthusiasts who can relate and share. We don’t ask for much, but if you find this site useful, please feel free to share a link with other equally minded individuals. Otherwise, we could use your wisdom, insight, and experience in the form of a comment or blog post. Hey, you never know, someone else could learn from you and so on.

Our Story

I believe that most new things spring up from necessity. The idea for this website stemmed from the frustrations associated with browsing untold numbers of websites looking for information about cycling. It was a lot of work piecing bits of helpful tips and tricks from each site. So much work actually that I spent more time searching than actually finding and benefiting. So hopefully this website fulfills its goal of being an all encompassing wealth of information. If you have something to add, please share!

Meet the Team

Below are some of the finest minds in the world of cycling. While that might not be true, we did put this site together ourselves. This is the one corner, or the 0.002% of the website where we can pat ourselves on the back.

Sarah R.

Queen Bee

Whenever someone at work asks me a question I don’t know the answer to, I shake my head and say “It’s my first day”.

Nick D.

Word on the Street

He’s not the suit and tie office-type. If it comes out of his mouth, he either saw it or lived it.

Damien L.

Vice President Elect

When everyone else faces right, Damien insists on facing left. That’s just the type of guy he is. We also think he’s batman.

Next Steps…

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